Redefining and Shaping the Present and Future of Work

Lobstack is a digital transformation platform that help individuals and organisations simplify and integrate flexibility to work

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Lobstack for Businesses

Access communication and collaboration tool, integrated business and project management tool, including, Video and Audio Conference, Chat, HR, Accounting, Business Intelligence and Analytics and Payment tools to manage internal operations(employees) and customers.

Literary, lobstack help:

  • Transform brick and mortar into an exciting digital business
  • Allow internal amd external Collaboration with customers and employees
  • Access CRM tool
  • Communicate and collabourate using individual or group Video, Chat and Audio
  • Product and process management using existing ERP tool
  • Track and manage work/campaign productivity on lobstack 24/7 office
  • Manage KPIs easily, timely, fast and seamlessly
  • Pay employees and receive payment on the go from customers

Lobstack for Individual

Individuals can communicate and collaborate, create campaign, community, groups and also access their existing organisational.

Meaning individuals can:

  • Create personal project, community, and campaign
  • Communicate and collaborate with the team or community members using video, Chat and Voice tool.
  • Access CRM and ERP tools
  • Share video screen
  • Have the same access to lobstack’s business and project management tools
  • Easily measure set KPIs and project success
  • Accept and make payment

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